{"Hacker Storytelling"}

Hacker Storytelling is my way for telling stories using the Internet, in a way that is open by default. Hacker Storytelling uses several tools to help me tell stories, that is completely stored and operating using Github.

There are several key technologies that I employ:

These technologies provide a simple, client-side toolbox for telling stories using:

I'm looking to push the boundaries of how I use Github, and employ some unique approaches to running sites and applications on the social coding platform. I use this combination to drive my apps:

These basic tools, plus the open, browser-based hosting environment introduced by Github, makes for a rich, online storytelling format. This new approach to storytelling is not just about words, Hacker Storytelling is about weaving in data and code, to make my stories richer and more meaningful.

You can see this in action, running the many different projects that make up the API Evangelist network of research. Everything runs as separate Github repositories, with individual subdomains for each project.